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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Pics #2

Today shall have a double post since its been so long since i updated my blog.

Just some photos that i promise to put up but din.

From Random #2
Slingers vs some indonesian team basketball match.

From Random #2
The hot Sling Girls.

From Random #2
Johor Famous Chicken in Paper.

From Random #2
Some other dishes

From Random #2
Me and Dear enjoying gd food.

From Random #2
Buddy Roy and Kianyi together with us for at this delicious tze char stall beside Zhulin.

From Random #2
Jumbo's Seafood Chili Crab

From Random #2
A farewell photo with my best and closest orientation buddy.
I guess we may not meet each other again.
All the best!

Portfolio at SGH Physiotherapy events

Had been really busy about my new job, designing poster, invites etc.

Below are some of my new informational posters that i design for SGH Physiotherapy outreach events.

I have receive some compliments for it, but i still felt its not there yet. Could have been much better and there is definitely a big room for improvement.

How you all feel about them? Comments pls.

From portfolio
"Today" Newspaper advertisement on 6th Oct 09.

From portfolio

From portfolio

From portfolio

From portfolio

From portfolio

From portfolio

From portfolio

From portfolio

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Random Pics #1

Just some random pics taken recently.

From Random #1

From Random #1

From Random #1

From Random #1

From Random #1

From Random #1

From Random #1

From Random #1

From Random #1

From Random #1

From Random #1

From Random #1

From Random #1

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Most meaningful speech of the day

All right, i just heard about a speech from an Indian. Its very true.

The message:
"Life is not for you to commit suicide. No matter which God, it gives you a life to live well."

Its meaningful.

Life is good now, enjoying every moment.

Till next time, see you

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry for the late post.

Its been some days since I last blog, missing me?

Not really much happen lately that is interesting enough, just that have recently help a close friend to paint his flat and charge him a sumptuous seafood meal. Plan for a weekend getaway with dear to bangkok for holiday on our 2 year anniversary.

Next good news is, I am finally leaving my Lecturer job for a new greener pasture. Although i miss my students but cant help, its a fact of life that we need to strive for even greater ambition and create a better life for each and everyone of us. Thats what i was aiming for, at this current stage, to go further and climb higher.

My dear friend, Gary (whom is jobless and not really keen to look for job), once told me his reason for not getting a job after graduating. He is at the transition of getting a job is equal to working for the rest of his life and he wun start a job unless he found a really good job that could satisfy his life fulfillment value. He is not wrong, its just that everyone have different aim in life.

And this kept me thinking again. I came to realize that recently i may be imposing my own ideas onto others too much and thinking other people mindset on various stuff was wrong or childish. One example is my another friend. He got the chance to choose between a full-time 9-5 teaching job with better career prospect to a part time swimming instructor job. He choose the swimming instructor assignment in the end. What I felt was he should definitely choose the full time job instead of the swimming job due to better career prospect, able to gain experience, more money etc. I have seems to forgotten the fact that life is not about climbing the career ladder and more money only, its about passion in life. The swimming instructor job may be more fulfilling instead, as it is his passion when he see those kids manage to complete a lap or two with breast stroke or freestyle that he taught.

I came to realise that it really does not matter if u are a Lecturer or a Swimming instructor, what matters is you are happy with what you are doing.

And i am happy with earning more money :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another website done with purely css and html.

Presenting to you

I have also added lightbox features to the photo gallery session over here.

The previous design of the website was something like this:

I have revamp the site, giving it a facelift, adding in more vibrant images, reformatting the fonts and links. Hope that the new image will generate more income for this charity organisation and improving their identity. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

True about life


This is a nice video i would like to introduce to you all.

No need to understand english to see this video because there is no talking.


Monday, June 29, 2009


今天的这个blog post是特地为我一位很要好的朋友写的。所谓人生不如意十之八九, 过去的事,就忘了他吧。反正还年轻,以后多的是机会,只要多多努力以后还是会有的。:)


从前有位非常有名的讲师,有一天,他在课堂上拿着一张100块的钞票对这同学们说:“ 我这里有张100块钱,有谁要?“




最后, 讲师把钞票丢在地上踩了几下,便问:”那现在呢?“




Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Experience with Primary School kids

As most of you know, i am currently a lecturer teaching interactive media.

Every Tuesday i need to go to an international school to teach flash CCA as an assignment from the school.

Here are 3 funny incident that i came across when i was teaching the kids from the school.

Incident 1:
I have 2 students, they were close friends and they always sit together in class. I gave them an assignment yesterday and they were allowed to google for pictures to be put into their flash exercise. So, this kid called Ishita went online and search for his friend name, Param. The google page then displayed a whole list of images.

Then this kid tun over to his friend, Param, and said: "Hey Param, you see, you are an old man. (Google image showed various image related to Param including and image of an old indian man.)"

This time, Param started to get angry. He too went online and look for his friend photo. After awhile he exclaimed:" Hey Ishita, you see, you are a female angel."

They carry on looking for images to outwin each other and meanwhile i was at the back, laughing. Cute!

Incident 2
I gave them exercise yesterday, was to create a story using flash. This time round was 2 girl, Jessy and Tisha. The story Tisha wrote started like this....

"I have a foolish friend named Jessy. One day she found a crack on the wall. She did not bother about it. A few day later, a flood came and water start flowing through the wall. Jessy house was flooded and she died. The End" Cute.

Incident 3
This is another story from another girl.

"I was walking in the garden one day. I saw an old lady with her dog trying to cross the road. A boy approach her and help her cross the road. I went to help the dog cross the road. The end." Cute.

This are 3 funny and very cute incident that i encounter in class. When was the last time you and I encounter such innocent being? After working in a human eat human world where most of us were scheming trying to backstab each other (Maybe from the drama), it is always nice to play with kids, relaxed and enjoy their innocence.

Alright, see you next time (basking in their innocent right now).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Universal Group Inc.

This blog is going to dedicate to my newest logo design for my freelance Universal Group Inc. This company basically deals with inks. They are an America coy that provides ink for big organisation in the States. They found me thru my coroflot porfolio. Enjoy the work!

Logo 1
This group of logo is after the unique shape of U and to incorporate paper folding style to it. The use of CMYK (ink basic color) is used too.

Logo 2

This group of logo is use to represent either a star as America or a blob of ink as an ink provider company.

Logo 3
This logo uses the CMYK color in terms of 4 blob at the bottom. Bold fonts were use because most of the time, the logo would be printed onto those ink boxes.

Logo 4
The most common and corporate form of logo. Combines the U, G and I of the Universal Group Inc together. Use of dark blue as it is their company uniform color.

That's all for the design. More next time.